Cold-Chain Operations and Management

HIRDA has a long-standing partnership with UNICEF and the Ministry of Health to deliver routine and mass immunisations for children under five against childhood diseases. Our teams oversee an effective cold chain management process to administer uninterrupted immunisations and appropriate vaccine doses in Galguduud, Lower Jubba and the Gedo Region. We also operate the regional cold chain for vaccine storage at Bardera and a zonal cold chain at Belet-Hawa.

HIRDA provides complete oversight and ensures that each cold chain is well maintained and that the mobile cold boxes and vaccine carriers used for outreach activities are in sufficient supply. EPI mobile outreach teams visit the villages with monthly schedules and incorporate health education for women’s groups on the importance of vaccination, keeping  vaccination  cards,  and  completing  the  vaccination  calendars. The refrigerators and freezers used in the cold chain are all functional, with trained personnel designated to monitor temperatures and guaranteed  vaccine  quality  according  to  official  regulations.

HIRDA Cold-Chain Operations & Support Areas
  • Inventory Management
  • Execution of storage and distribution of vaccines and other immunization related supplies
  • Maintenance and repairing of cold chain equipment in the regions.
  • Provision of adequate routine EPI vaccine, injectable and other supplies related to the EPI program to the district and facility cold chains in the regions.
  • Ensure that all district cold chain and health facilities receive vaccine during mass campaigns
  • Well managed cold chain systems and vaccines are stored in the right conditions.
  • Ensure that all new cold chain equipment is installed as per distribution plan
  • Maintain all documentation of vaccine, logistics, equipment by ensuring proper record keeping, data analysis and reporting.