What we Do

Himilo Relief and Development Association (HIRDA)


Despite its preventable nature, Malaria is a high-priority public health issue that remains a leading cause of illness and death in Somalia.


Educational facilities and systems in south-central regions of Somalia face ongoing severe disruptions due to armed conflicts


Somalia continues to face cyclical health challenges due to poor health infrastructure and a lack of a functioning health system.


HIRDA implements innovative and smart interventions to adapt to climate change.


we support livestock management and marketing, fodder production, and the overall improvement of farming systems


Our Sustainable Livelihoods framework empowers communities to withstand shocks and foster resilience against economic shifts and natural disasters.


Malnutrition is one of the main consequences of community and household instability caused by country and regional conflict.

Cold Chain Operations

HIRDA has a long-standing partnership with UNICEF and the Ministry of Health to deliver routine and mass immunisations for children

Community Health Outreach

HIRDA places communities at the centre of service delivery for effective healthcare detection, referral and support at the village level.

Covid 19 Response

COVID-19 pandemic increased the established burden of poverty and limited access to healthcare and social services in southern Somalia.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (Wash)

Improved water and sanitation are critical for health, as inadequate sources of drinking water and poor hygiene affect school performance and household productivity.