There were 49 students of which 18 are girls and 31 boys who set for the examination, because of the hard work from entire education staff in Bardhere district, the student performed well in the examination and emerged to appear in the top 50 student of the whole country and none of the students have failed since the highest student got a mean grade of 88.57% and the lowest student got a mean grade of 72.43% and this clearly indicates that all students have based with flying clours.

Today we have rewarded the three top students who performed best in their national examination and these are the three top students.

Mohamed Abdifaid Mohamud AhmedAmino Sheikh Shukri HusseinAbdikafi Ahmed Mohamud Dubad
Marks: 620Marks: 610Marks: 589
Mean grade: 88.57%Mean grade: 87.57%Mean grade: 84.14%

We have rewarded the first student with a wholly Quran and 500$, the second and third students have also been rewarded with a wholly Quran and 100$ each and this encourages morals of the current candidates to be very high with expectations.

Every student who set for the examination did all the subjects successfully and the following PDF shows the Result of each student.