Partner with us

HIRDA's strategy of long-term partnerships with both its international and local partners leads to effective interventions that are truly transformative. In the last 18 years, HIRDA has continued to build a reputation as a sincere partner, learning from challenges and growing its capacity to effectively deliver for both the communities in which it intervenes, for its diaspora donors and for its foreign partners.

HIRDA has put in place effective systems for record keeping and accountability, and has continued to improve in various system and personnel audits through the years. HIRDA's international partners have shown great confidence in our organization, and the deep commitment we show to our beneficiaries. It is for this reason that HIRDA is involved in various UN clusters as the lead partner.

HIRDA continues to build its partner network and is looking for support in the following areas:

Financial support, and direct sponsorship of current HIRDA projects, in particular the scholarship project for vulnerable children In-kind and technical support, including knowledge transfer and the sharing of expertise On-the-ground support, including vehicles, buildings and technological facilities

We continue to grow, and invite you to work with us, and to make a difference to the lives of people across East Africa.